Issue 5!

or, Issue The Fifth!

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I’m going to be talking more about the upcoming EP today, and I have to say, I am really excited for folks to hear it. The third track, “Tuesday,” is nearly done in terms of the rough mix and it’s easily the best track I’ve made so far. More a deep house type of thing (I suppose) than “The Smell of Rain” or “Sparkle,” and it’s gonna open the album.

Why These Tracks?

I have, as a rough guess, between 18 and 30 mostly finished tracks in various dance styles. After deciding to make this EP, I listened back through everything, jotting down notes on what I liked and what, ahem, needs overhauling. Why did I settle on these four? Well, I was aiming for around 35 minutes of music, and these tracks covered a good mix of musical terrain while complimenting each other. There’s probably more behind the decision, but at this point, brain fog has settled in pretty thickly and I simply can’t remember.

So, lots more dance tracks to come after this EP is out and in the world. That of course means that I need to come up with a lot of nom de nectarines (ok, that was perhaps a bit of a stretch), so send suggestions my way!

I also have over 80 beat fragments that I will one day fertilize with proper amounts of swing and water with soul until they sprout into full-grown beats. In this utopian future of unlimited time, I’ll be unstoppable.

Why This Order?

The order of the tracks on the currently nameless EP is as follows:

1) Tuesday

2) Sparkle

3) The Smell of Rain

4) Skyward

Previously, I mentioned that while all of this music lives under the EDM umbrella, it is stylistically diverse. Said it above, in fact. As far as I can tell, there isn't one recognizable “voice,” although I'm certainly not removed enough to say. The music, both in terms of the EP and on the track-by-track scale, doesn’t fit neatly in the ambient box or the trance box or the minimal techno box, etc. And that's ok—the point of this EP, as I said before, isn't so much a grand artistic statement (nor a cohesive one) as an audio business card of sorts for production work and for job applications.

The tracks loosely follow the same formal organization as a typical four-movement piece written in the classical style, at least in terms of duration. This is intentional. Like the classical model, the second and third movements of the EP are shorter than the outer movements. “Tuesday,” which you haven't heard, is meant to get your head moving and pull you into the EP, *kinda* like how the opening movement in a classical multi-movement work functions. That’s more or less the only connection between my classical background and the EDM tracks I’m making. As you can see, it’s an incredibly shallow connection that really doesn’t accomplish anything in terms of understanding either the music or the two genres. And yet…

Resident Advisor Interviewer: DJ Cool Alias, I see you have a Ph.D. in classical composition. How does that impact the dance tracks you make?

Dave: It doesn’t.

More on this in the next newsletter, but I’ve got another Denver Antiracist Book Club meeting on Tuesday and I, cough, haven’t started reading yet, so gotta run. We’re going to talk about the 1619 Project—check it out!